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Conference Calls for Proposals in North America (05/11)

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Good afternoon all,

Below is a current list of curated calls for papers throughout North America. These are sorted by CFP close date, but there are 5 at the top that close this week, in case you want to submit talks.

  • Strange Loop (St Louis, September 24-26): CFP closes May 15th. Emerging tech, security, front-end, systems architecture.
  • DjangoCon (Austin, September 6-11): CFP closes May 15th. Python.
  • ZendCon (Las Vegas, October 19-22): CFP closes May 15th. PHP.
  • PyOhio (Columbus, August 1-2): CFP closes May 15th. Pyton.
  • PostgresOpen (Dallas, September 16-18): CFP closes May 17th. PostgreSQL.
  • Ignite OSCON (Portland, July 20): CFP closes June 5th. Open Source.
  • Thunder Plains (Oklahoma City, November 3): CFP closes June 14th. Development / Mobile.
  • Midwest UX (Pittsburgh, October 1-3): CFP closes June 15th. UI/UX.
  • Rocky Mountain Ruby (Boulder, September 24-25): CFP closes June 15th. Ruby.
  • DerbyCon (Louisville, September 23-27): CFP closes July 20th. Security.
  • RICON (San Francisco, November 4-6): CFP closes August 30th. Distributed systems.
  • APIDays (San Francisco, June 17-18): API Design, IoT.
  • Little Rock TechFest (Little Rock, October 16th): Open Technology.